Trusted Facilitator - Effective Communicator
Dr. Peter Dams (rhymes with 'Brahms') is an experienced facilitator and change consultant who works in a wide range of industries. As adjunct associate professor at Western Michigan University he frequently speaks on systems thinking and strategic planning.

Consensus Builder

Peter is a good listener who knows how to build consensus across a wide range of stakeholders. Rather than imposing a solution from the outside, he helps clients find solutions that fit their culture and develop practical plans from within.

Peter holds a doctorate in Applied Behavioral Science from Western Michigan University with emphasis on organizational systems, an MS in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas, and a BS in Architerctural Engineering from the Fachhochschule Oldenburg, Germany.

Commmunity Service

Dr. Dams is a lifetime member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), a member of the Organizational Behavior Management Network (OBM Network) and the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), where he served on the Executive Council as student representative.

He currently serves on the board of the Kalamazoo Tutoring Association. He is past president of the Kalamazoo Area Homeschool Association.

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